Divers documents et
publications sur le Vitiligo

Les documents ci-dessous sont des conférences, articles scientifiques ou chapitres de livre écrits par le Professeur Thierry Passeron et son équipe.

2021 / 2017  

- Vitiligo: 30 years to put together the puzzle pieces and to give rise to a new era of therapeutic options.

- Review Male genital vitiligo

- Increased Activation of Innate Immunity and Pro-Apoptotic CXCR3Bin Normal-Appearing Skin on the Lesional Site of Patients with Segmental Vitiligo

- Analysis of Matched Skin and Gut Microbiome of Patients with Vitiligo Reveals Deep Skin Dysbiosis

- Oral gliadin-protected superoxide dismutase in addition to phototherapy for treating non-segmental vitiligo

- Targeting Innate Immunity to Combat Cutaneous Stress: The Vitiligo Perspective

- Analysis of Matched Skin and Gut Microbiome of Patients with Vitiligo Reveals Deep Skin...

- Ruxolitinib cream for treatment of vitiligo: a randomised, controlled, phase 2 trial

- First step in a new era for treatment of patients with vitiligo

- Evaluation for Skin Cancer and Precancer in Patients With Vitiligo Treated With Long-term Narrowband UV-B Phototherapy

- Apremilast in combination to narrowband UVB in the treatment of vitiligo

- Innate lymphocyte-induced CXCR3B-mediated melanocyte apoptosis is a potential initiator of T-cell autoreactivity in vitiligo

- Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research. Micro holes for delivering melanocytes into the skin

- Comparison of microneedling and full surface erbium laser dermabrasion...

- Atorvastatin in Combination With Narrowband UV-B in Adult Patients With Active Vitiligo

- Vitiligo Perspectives and pipeline

- Normal skin pigmentation and its regeneration