Trials in progress

Clinical trials in progress

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Trials in progress

Topical JAK inhibitors

ClinicalTrial Identifier : Not specified
Status : Recruitment open

Gastroprotected Superoxide Dismutase in Combination With UVB
vs Placebo and UVB for Treating Vitiligo

ClinicalTrial Identifier : NCT03941808
Status : Recruitment terminated

Study of the role of intestinal and skin microbiome in vitiligo

Status : Terminated - Analysis ongoing

Repigmentation using apremilast and phototherapy in diffuse vitiligo
(RAPID Vitiligo)

ClinicalTrial Identifier : NCT03036995
Status : Published

Study of the role of innate lymphoid cells and natural killer cells
in immune activation of vitiligo – INNATE Vitiligo

ClinicalTrial Identifier : NCT03859518
Status : Published