Help research for Vitiligo

Our priority is to give patients the information and services they need to manage their vitiligo, while increasing awareness and fundraising for research aimed at finding a cure. Thank you for supporting our work!

Why make a Donation

Vitiligo is an orphan disease forgotten by research.
If ou want to make a donation to the Vitiligo association, you can do it through the secure payment interface by clicking on the button below. The donations you make are allocated for:

- help research and researchers on identified projects,
- develop support and information to patients,
- act at national, European and global level to make vitiligo a recognized emergency disease for children and young people.

Remember that your donations are deductible from your income taxes up to 66% of the amount paid.

Note : donations are made on the AVENI site, Endowment Fund of the University Hospital Center of Nice.
For a Vitiligo donation, please choose the option "Innovation médicale et l'acquisition d'appareils ou d'équipements" then Centre international de recherche et de traitement du vitiligo.

Example below

Mains atteintes de Vitiligo
Choix pour un don Vitiligo