Research lab

Research Team

Thierry Passeron co-leads with Dr. Stéphane Rocchi an INSERM research team at the Mediterranean Center for Molecular Medicine in Nice. The theme of this team is: "Study of the melanocyte differentiation applied to the patient's vitiligo and melanoma with molecular mechanisms".

Research team

INSERM U1065, team 12, C3M
The Mediterranean center of molecular medicine (C3M) gather 13 research teams with more than 160 researchers. The thematics of the center are cell proliferation and cell death; differentiation and cancer; metabolic disorders; interactions of micro-organisms. Within this center, our team (see adjacent picture) study melanoma and pigmentary disorders with a special interest for vitiligo. The conducted studies are very translational, meaning that they usually start from clinical observations and from patient samples to better understand the mechanisms involved in vitiligo. The objective of these researches is not only to better understand the disease but mostly to discover new therapeutic approaches that we can then propose to our patients.
Equipe de recherche C3M